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Who’s Michael? What’s Be It Me Not You?

by beitmenotyou
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Hi, my name is Michael I am a freelance photographer from the UK, I have been doing photography for 17 years as a hobby and as a business for 4 years after I started to Be It Me Not You in 2017.

The company Be It Me Not You I started in 2017 was meant to be a freelance photography business taking photographs of portraits, events and concerts.

But in 2020 when covid hit I was in a jam as he could not go out to take photographs as he was locked in and could only go to his other job in retail.

Before this I had heard of cryptocurrency and NFTs, so he used this time to look into it and how it might help his business.

So I searched google and youtube and came across some places like CoinBureau (YouTube and podcast), coinmarketcap (Website, Youtube), Unstoppable Domains (Website, Youtube and Podcast) and Decrypt (website, YouTube and Podcast) which have all become my sources for information and updates.

After my research, I started buying Cryptocurrencies and NFTs to keep and hodel for myself because I liked the idea and the tech behind it, now I sell my photography as NFTs on my website not because they sell well and to make crypto but because it gives a clear understanding on-chain with polygon.

Then I looked into DAOs as a business type which I now use to help run my business, it is also used to help raise money to help other web2 photographers into web3 like me.

I hope this helps you understand me and my business and how I use web3 for my business.

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